What To Do When You Blow A Tire And Your Funds Are Low

You might have been cruising along the highway quite nicely, only to hear an unsettling "pop." It's at this moment when you realize that you've blown a tire. While you might feel intensely grateful that neither yourself or another motorist was injured, your attention then turns to how you're going to take care of the problem. You need a new tire and that's going to require funds. The only problem is that your budget is stretched to the hilt and you don't have much money to spare. However, there are still options available that can help. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Contact Your Insurance Company

It's very important to become intimately acquainted with your automobile insurance policy. There are things contained within it that can be of amazing assistance when an emergency situation occurs. Some covered incidents don't have to involve another vehicle. You might be able to get an affordable tire by filing a claim with your insurer.

If you have full coverage on your vehicle it means that you have certain protections in place which pertain to an individual occurrence. For example, you may have been with the same insurance company for several years. There could be a policy stating that the longer you go without an accident, the more your deductible drops. If you haven't checked your policy in some time, you might not know that you now have no deductible for comprehensive claims. What this means is that you can actually obtain the tire you need through your insurer without having to pay anything out of pocket.

The only way you're going to find out if this type of scenario pertains to you is to call up your insurance agent. The news could be highly beneficial for you.

Consider Getting A Used Tire

When you think about all of the parts that make up a car, you might imagine that only things like the engine or transmission are reusabl. What you might not know is that tires can also come in a used form. Getting used tires is not only more affordable, it's also incredibly efficient. You wouldn't want to have a brand new tire that has much better tread than the others. This could result in a misalignment that causes premature wear on your other tires.

Getting an affordable tire can be done regardless of your budget restrictions. When your tire pops, take heart and use this information to your advantage.

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