Have A Car That You Will Not Be Driving? 2 Tips To Keep It In Good Condition

If you have a car but it will be sitting for long periods of time, it will not stay in great condition. This is because there are parts that will start to deteriorate. You can keep this from happening, however, if you follow the two tips below.


Make sure the tires are new or only a few years old. Not driving a car with tires that are old can cause the rubber to deteriorate and result in tire rot. The oils and chemicals found in the rubber evaporates, and when this happens the rubber loses flexibility and will then become brittle.

Look at the tires closely before you drive the car. If there is tire dry rot the tires will look like a dull gray instead of black and the tires will have small cracks on the sidewalls. You may also see tread starting to show. If you drive a car that has tire rot, the tires will expand as you drive and the tires will blow out.

Purchase new tires for the car. Even if some of the tires still look black replace all four of them at the same time. This is important because only replacing one or two tires can make the car unbalanced which would put more pressure on the new tires.

Visit a tire shop to purchase new tires. The tire stores will need the make and model of your car or you can remove one of the car's tire and bring it with you. You should not drive the car to a tire shop to have them replaced. Instead, replace them yourself or hire a mechanic to replace them for you.


Start your car and let it run for 15 to 20 minutes at least once a week. If you do not have tire rot, drive it on the highway for a few miles. This will keep the battery charged up so it does not die. If you are not able to drive the car at all, you need to remove the battery from the car.

If you remove the battery, store in a dry and cool place that is not in direct sunlight. The battery should also be fully charged. To determine this, you can purchase a voltmeter meter at an auto supply store. You can also take the car to a local auto parts store or a car dealership and they can test it for you.

If the battery is not charged all the way, then you need to charge it until it is at full charge with a battery charger.

Talk to a mechanic if you have questions about your tires or battery. They can also give you other tips on how to keep your car in good condition while it is sitting.

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