Dealing With A Vehicle That Smokes

It is normal for smoke to come out of the exhaust pipe of a vehicle. However, when you start seeing large amounts of smoke coming from your vehicle, it is a sign that something is possibly in need of being inspected and repaired. You should really be concerned if the smoke is coming from more than just the exhaust pipe. There are numerous things that can cause a vehicle to smoke in an unusual manner. In this article, you are going to learn about of the problems that a vehicle might have when it smokes a lot.

The Catalytic Converter Malfunctions

If the exhaust pipe is the only area that you have been noticing unusually large amounts of smoke, focus your attention on the catalytic converter. Ask a mechanic to inspect the converter to make sure it is doing what it was designed to do. For instance, the main job of the converter is to catalyze the exhaust gases in your vehicle. Basically, the gases are made to be less harmful. If the smoke coming out of your vehicle is dark, it is a sign that the exhaust gases are not be catalyzed.

Your Vehicle Has Dirty Fuel in the Tank

Dirty fuel is one of the things that can cause a vehicle to smoke. For instance, if you notice dark smoke coming from under the hood, it is a sign that the fuel is contaminated with dirt. It is not likely that the problem will go away unless all of the dirty fuel is drained out. A mechanic can also clean the gas tank out to get rid of any dirt that is left behind after draining is done. If contaminated fuel is what caused the smoke, the problem should go away as soon as the tank is cleaned and fresh fuel is placed in your vehicle.

The Engine Gets Too Hot

Smoke from under the hood might also be a sign that the engine is getting too hot. A hot engine is actually a dangerous problem because it can lead to your vehicle catching on fire. There might be something wrong with the radiator that is causing the engine to receive an insufficient amount of coolant. If the radiator isn't in bad shape, you might just need to put more coolant in your vehicle. Consider getting the coolant lines inspected by a mechanic in case they are leaking as well.

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