Moving From a Cold Climate to the Desert? Make the Switch to Summer Tires

Living in a cold climate means that you likely experience snow on a yearly basis. It might come a few days per year or it may be something covering your neighborhood for several months out of the year. Driving in the snow is best with winter tires, but you do not need them when moving to a desert climate. This means you should head to a tire shop and make the switch to summer tires before your move.

Give Yourself a Better Driving Experience

While getting behind the wheel is safe, and the risk of being involved in a collision is minimal, you should do everything that you can to improve your driving experience. Summer tires provide excellent traction in wet and dry conditions, two of the most common conditions that you will find on desert roads. This means that when you react to something that happens on the road, the car will provide an equally fast response. You will feel safer and better about driving because the vehicle feels more responsive to your actions.

Rent a Car for Trips in Snowy Conditions

Although there may be a once-in-a-lifetime snowfall in the desert where you are going to live, this does not mean that you should avoid buying summer tires due to the low chance of this happening. It is far better to equip your car with tires that will enhance your driving on a daily basis. Although you may want to keep your winter tires by taking them along for the drive, this would only take up valuable space. You will only want the tires in snowy conditions, and then it is just easier to rent a car for these trips.

Use the Same Tires All Year Long

A huge perk to living in the desert is that you can keep the same tires on at all times. In a cold climate, some drivers will stick to all-season tires that provide decent traction in the snow. But, you may put winter tires on as soon as the weather gets cold and then replace them with all-season in spring. It is easier and takes up less space to have a single set of tiles that you can rely on using throughout the year.

Although it is possible to drive to your new home and around a desert with snow tires, you should consider replacing them as early as possible to maximize your safety on the road. Talk to professionals like Salinas Tire for more information.

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